The Truth (volume one)

by Frank McComb

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    "The Truth" Volume one and Two (the motown sessions) are critically acclaimed internationally and feature Frank's collaboration on two records almost a decade apart with Steve the scotsman Harvey, widely considered amongst critics and fans alike to be Franks's finest records.
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    The chemistry captured in the rhythm section department, with Bobby Watson (Rufus) on bass, Harvey on drums and Frank on vintage rhodes & wurlitzer pianos sets up the entire feel of this record. The Hammond B3 magic of the late great Billy Preston and addition of other members of Harvey's stellar crew, Jimi Macon, Wayne Linsey, Louis Van Taylor etc just add the icing to the cake.

    This record oozes soul. Harvey's production of Frank is "raw and organic" which allows Frank the space to "shine" (excuse the pun) vocally and showcase his immense talent as a musician.
    This album may never be mainstream, but to fans of this genre, it is already considered a classic.
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What's fans online say about "The Truth VOL 1"

"Without doubt this album surpasses the first! I thoroughly enjoyed "Love Stories" but McComb's sound here has "filled out"-- becoming much rounder and richer. I am amazed that he has not been able to get his due recognition in the U.S. But if we cannot recognize talent when we hear it then more power to him getting produced in the U.K.!

"Frank definitely IS the truth. A very skilled keyboard player as well as a great singer whose adlibs remind me of Donny Hathaway, his second album delivers the goods. I keep having 'When You Call My Name' on repeat, but the other songs are great too. In fact, 'Actions Speak Louder Than Words' and 'Better Off Without You' are two songs that he gave to Brigette McWilliams for her 1997 "Too Much Woman" album. He does a good job with them here McWilliams'
"This album is awesome"

"I saw Mr McComb at the Jazz Cafe In North London and before this I had never heard of the guy. What can i say he is a talent. He signs every song with emotion and especially on tunes like "When you call my name" and "better of without you" you know where he is coming from. I love this album and it will be one that i'll listen to for years.

"Can someone please tell me why this is classified as an import? Why can't he get some recognition stateside? He is a wonderful singer/musician. This is a beautiful project. I loved it from beginning to end. Actually this was my first purchase as an import. I bought solely on the fact that I loved his first cd Love Stories so much. I was not disappointed in any way, shape or form. He begins and ends with Shine which was kind of a departure from his earlier project. I especially loved What You Gonna Do?, Never Letting Go, Do You Remember Love? and my very, very favorite "When You Call My Name" In reading the liner notes another underrated talent contributed by the name of Donnie...of The Colored Section fame. I might have known artists of this caliber would be keeping company. We've got it twisted. Junk flies off the shelves on a daily basis. Legitimate talent like Frank and Donnie's doesn't even register a bleep on the meter. I'm going to do what I can via word of mouth to get these gentlemen heard.'re the man! There are nuances so similar to Donny Hathaway that it will take your breath away. Oh, by the way, check out bonus track Intimate Time. Definetly worth the effort it will take to get this cd! Buy it...then tell all your friends to do the same.


released January 1, 2003

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Born in Aberdeen Scotland - Drummer / Record Producer / Songwriter / Arranger / Solo artist, and multi instrumentalist Stephen Laurence Harvey alias Steve the scotsman Harvey is considered a renaissance man of music and the arts. Stephen has performed and recorded all over the world working alongside some of the most gifted musicians and artists on the planet. ... more

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Track Name: Do you remember love
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Track Name: When you call my name
Written by Donnie Johnson
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